Metallica S&M2 Went Down, Check It (Video)

It was also announced that at the two shows Metallica would be performing not only tracks from the original 1999 S&M release but "symphonic versions of new songs released since then.” Exciting!

Well, September 6 has been and gone, and the band stunned audiences with a once in a life time set show full of absolute bangers. Check it out...'


Set I

1. The Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone cover) (performed by the San Francisco Symphony)

2. The Call of Ktulu

3. For Whom the Bell Tolls

4. The Day That Never Comes

5. The Memory Remains

6. Confusion

7. Moth Into Flame

8. The Outlaw Torn

9. No Leaf Clover

10. Halo on Fire

Set II

11. Scythian Suite, Op.20 , Second Movement (Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev cover) (performed by the San Francisco Symphony)

12. Iron Foundry (Alexander Mosolov cover)(live debut)

13. The Unforgiven III (performed by the San Francisco Symphony)

14. All Within My Hands (acoustic)

15. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth (Bass part performed by San Francisco Symphony bassist)

16. Wherever I May Roam

17. One

18. Master of Puppets

19. Nothing Else Matters

20. Enter Sandman (with 'The Frayed Ends of Sanity' outro)

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