Botched Booty Lift Left Model Unable To Sit For Six Months

A blown butt lift left one booty model unable to sit for six months.

Shipla Sethi has used her ASSets to gain over one-million followers on Instagram.

She’s opted for enhancements on her formerly flat fanny because she always wanted to be more “curvy.”

So, she looked up a doc in Miami to work on her bum, but he ended up being a bum who used “fake reviews” to get clients.

His procedure took “fat from her waist,” and put it into her butt…but things ended up “lopsided” and left her in “excruciating pain.”

Fortunately, these days each cheek appears to be equally proportioned for maximum sitting comfort.

Like Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man maximum comfort.

Source:Fox News

Photo: Getty