Fantone's Top 5 WrestleMania Moments

Make no mistake about it, making this list wasn't easy for me. One of the hardest parts was being able to seperate my personal top 5 from what I view as the top 5 greatest moments, so upfront, I admit that there are iconic moments of WrestleMania history that I didn't include. And had I made this list yesterday or if I do it again tomorrow, some of them might make it. It was also tough to define what I thought moment meant. Was a moment a spot or a finish or a match or an event? I went with my gut and said yes to all of those. I also wanted to have variety. Most superstars mentioned below are worthy of an individual top 5 WrestleMania moments list, so I tried not to focus too much on any one wrestler or era.

5. 21-1 Lesnar Ends The Streak - WrestleMania XXX

WrestleMania 30 was going down just as I was getting back into wrestling, so I remember the shock the WWE universe felt clearly. After 21 WrestleMania victories in a row, it felt like Lesnar was destined to be number 22, but The Beast conquered. I've always felt like this accomplishment was a little wasted on Brock, as he was already clearly a bad ass top heel, but that doesn't change the impact the moment had.


4. TLC II - WrestleMania XVII

Some fans may be surprised to see a non-main event match make this list, but TLC II at WrestleMania 17 stole the show. The Showcase Of The Immortals brings out the best of the entire roster, not just the main guys and this match was proof of it, featuring new, huge spots. A demolition derby of a match, the Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian pushed themselves, each other and the WWE to another level.


3. Hulk Hogan Defeats Sgt. Slaughter - WrestleMania VII

There are so many iconic Hogan moments, that most fans are probably surprised I picked this as his only apperance on the list, but for me, this was Hulkamania running at it's wildest. It was 1991, The Gulf War was in full swing and I can honestly remember this WrestleMania moment as being an awakening of my patriotism. I know Savage Vs. Warrior was the real highlight of the event, the event as a whole doesn't hold up great and the Hulkster had other great moments, but this will always and forever be one of my favorite WrestleMania moments.


2. HBK's Dream Comes True - WrestleMania XII

I know the mid 90's weren't the best time in WWE history, but I was 12 years old and Shawn Micheals was my favorite wrestler by a mile at this point. A Rockers match got me hooked on wrestling in the late 80's and I felt like I grew up with HBK. The storyline of him chasing his boyhood dream and finally reaching the top of the mountain resonated in my preteen soul. You can argue the enterance was more impressive than the Iron Man match, but the end is what really mattered.


1. The Double Turn Crimson Mask - WrestleMania XIII

Featuring two of my all time favorites, WrestleMania XIII was a turning point for WWE. Austin and Hart walked out of the match in a fundamentally different way than they walked in to it. A true clinic in pro wrestling, the main event was 20 action-packed, story-telling minutes and by the end of it, my opinion on both guys had changed. Even though he lost, this was the true launching point for Stone Cold, an early showcasing of the Attitude Era and the crimson mask pass out is still one of the greatest finishes in the history of the business.

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