What You Should Lie About In A Job Interview

Should you lie during a job interview? Hell yeah, you should! Just ask recruiter Bonnie Dilber.

On TikTok, Dilber points out three key things you should lie about. 

  • Why do you want to leave your current job? The interviewer doesn’t need to know that your boss is a jerk, your coworker smells, or the pay scale is unfair. Just master this phase, “Things are going great, but I want to take on greater challenges.”
  • Why do you want this job? Everyone wants “money and benefits,” but it’s a “red flag” if you say that because they’ll think that’s all you’re about. Even if those are the only two things you want, you should do some research and talk about how appealing the “company’s mission” is and why you’re such an amazing fit for their “workplace culture.” Put the focus on what you can contribute, rather than what you want
  • They’ll probably ask you about your future goals. The company doesn’t want to hear about anything that doesn’t have to do with them growing and having a commitment from you. So, leave the crap about more vacation time and your current crappy job off the table. Let them bask in the glory of your desire to learn, develop, and grow with them. They eat that stuff up 

Source: TikTok/@bonniedilber 

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