#GoodNews: First Responders Save Trapped Truck Driver Hanging From Overpass

Earlier this week, a dramatic rescue unfolded in Dallas, Texas, when first responders saved a truck driver trapped in a box truck hanging off a freeway overpass. The incident occurred at the interchange of North Stemmons Freeway and the Dallas North Tollway and Dallas County Sheriff's Office traffic deputies, along with other emergency teams, were involved in the rescue operation.

The Urban Search and Rescue Team joined Dallas Fire-Rescue to try to stabilize the truck while they worked on getting the driver out. Positioning a fire truck ladder below the box truck and another with a rope system above, rescuers were able to reach the driver.

They put the driver in a harness attached to the rope system and were able to successfully lift him safely from the vehicle. The driver and another person involved in the accident were then transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

Source: CBS NEWS

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