Noodle The Pug Behind “Bones or No Bones” TikTok Trend Passes Away

Noodle the Pug who became social media famous in 2021 for his “Bones” or “No Bones” daily video updates, has passed away at fourteen years old.

The famous vids, that became a trend, would show his own Jonathan Graziano trying to get the pug up from bed.

If Noodle stood up, it was a “Bones” day which meant a day for celebrating and treating yourself.

If Noodle didn’t, then it was a “No Bonse” day, where they told everyone to take it easy that day. Jonathan shared the sad update on Saturday, telling fans that Noodle passed on Friday, in the comfort of his home and with the people he loved with him, including Jonathan.

He thanked everyone who supported him, apologized to all who were touched by Noodle, and told everyone to give their dogs a doggy-safe cheese puff in Noodle’s memory.

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