#GoodNews: Mom Gives Birth And Wins The Lottery On Same Day

A North Carolina woman wins $100,000 in the lottery the same day she gives birth to a baby girl. On November 9th, Brenda Gomez Hernandez of Concord, North Carolina, hit the jackpot twice. Just hours after she went into labor and delivered her daughter, the 28-year-old mother of three learned that she’d also won $100-thousand in the North Carolina lottery from a $3 ticket.

Hernandez, a housekeeper, used the birthdays of her two sons to pick her numbers and they matched up with four white balls and the Powerball, winning $50,000. She also got the 2X Power Play multiplier, doubling her winnings to $100-thousand. “When I found out I cried,” she says. “I’m just so excited and happy.”

Last week, Hernandez went to North Carolina lottery headquarters to pick up her winnings and after taking out taxes, she took home over $65,000. She says she plans to use most of the money to pay for her house.

Source: CNN

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