#GoodNews: Fifth-Grader Raises Over $3K For Grieving Teacher

A Nebraska fifth-grader raises over $3,500 for her teacher who is mourning the loss of her baby boy. 

Adrianna Case, a fifth-grader at Karen Western Elementary School in Ralston, noticed her teacher, Janice Rhods, was struggling to cope with the health concerns of her five-month-old son Caden.

The baby was born with a heart defect and had spent most of his life in the hospital. Adrianna gave Rhods a blanket for her baby, but she wanted to do more, so she asked her mom to help her start a crowdfund to help her teacher. Sadly, baby Caden didn’t make it and passed away on November 17th. "They think his heart was just overworking," Rhods says. “His heart was super, super fragile.”

Now the money that Adrianna was able to help raise for her teacher will go to help the family while they mourn the loss of their child. But Rhods says that the fact that one of her students cared enough to do so much for her means far more than the money. And she’s proud of Adrianna. "What she did to show her compassion and caring for others,” Rhods says. “Because she showed that for me, I know she'd do that to other people." The teacher says she wouldn’t have been able to get through the loss of Caden if it hadn’t been for her students and she plans to return to work this week.

Source: KETV

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