Woman Calls Out Her Sister For Fake Instagram Photos

Nothing like a little sisterly love to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unless you post a picture on Instagram and your sister calls you out on it. 

Casey Sosnowski posted a picture on Instagram with a great pose that claimed she was getting ready to hike at Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail in Florida. The picture was perfect with tall trees on the trail and the sun in the background. Only it wasn't a picture taken at Lake Okahumpka Park. It was a picture that was taken in Casey's own backyard. We know this because her sister called her out on Instagram.

Casey’s sister Carly wouldn’t let her get away with the lie and on Twitter, Carly posted a screengrab of her sister’s Instagram post, along with a revealing behind-the-scenes shot of Casey posing for photos and not on some rural hiking trail, but in their backyard.

“My sister said she was going hiking.....this is our backyard,” Carly posted.

Casey responded to her sister, saying she felt “personally attacked,” before updating her Instagram picture to suggest that, yes, this was her backyard.

“Did I go hiking? No. Is this my backyard?… Maybe,” she wrote, along with a winking-eye emoji.

Just goes to show you that you can fool your friends but you'll never fool your sister.

Source: Fox News

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