Siblings Help Deliver Baby Brother On The Way To The Hospital

Expectant mom Pilar Gauthier knew her baby would be coming soon, so she was on the way to the hospital with her three kids in the back seat and their dad Matt Grall behind the wheel. But their family of five didn’t get far on the icy Wisconsin roads before they had to pull over because mom knew that baby wasn’t going to wait for them to arrive at the hospital before being born.

Dad called 911 and helped mom as she delivered baby Mayan on the side of the road in their SUV. Grall estimates it only took five minutes from the time they pulled over to the time their son was born. The parents say their three kids were really calm and helpful during it all and their 11-year-old even offered up a shoelace to tie off baby Mayan’s umbilical cord.

While this wasn’t part of their birth plan, the family all handled the experience well. “Everybody was perfect,” explains 911 dispatcher Mary Beck, who took the call. “Couldn’t have been a better outcome.”

Source: Inside Edition

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