San Diego Fleet QB Mike Bercovici Destroyed By Massive Hit

If you think the Alliance of American Football is a softer version of the NFL, well, it depends how you define soft.

Because while the games may not be of the NFL Quality we have grown accustomed to, these guys still just hit as hard as anyone does on a Sunday in September.

Just ask San Diego Fleet quarterback Mike Bercovici who got absolutely popped on Saturday night on this hit by Shaan Washington of the San Antonio Commanders.

Washington hit him so hard that his helmet came off yet, amazingly, Bercovici popped right up after the hit.

I think he wanted to run and check his helmet to see if his head was still in it.

Bercovici showed how tough he is by remaining in the game after absorbing that massive hit but the Commanders won the game 15-6.

In other AAF scores,it was the Birmingham Iron shutting out the Memphis Express 26-0 and the Orlando Apollos beat the Atlanta Legends 40-6.

Source: The Sports Daily

The hit even got the Jim Ross treatment!

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