Good News: Dog Breaks Out Of Home To Save Family From Gas Leak

A dog in Westchester County, New York is being called a hero for working hard to escape her home so she could save her family’s life. Sadie the pit bull managed to get out of her house and get through her yard’s fence, then she barked loudly around her neighborhood, which prompted someone to call the police about a dog on the loose.

When officers arrived where Sadie was standing, she took off running, leading them through several streets and back to her own backyard, according to Lieutenant Lawrence Rotta. And that’s where police found a broken fence, an open door and the smell of gas. The Eastchester Fire Department and Con Edison were called to check it out and confirm the smell was from a gas leak in the basement.

Police say that if left undetected, the gas leak could have caused an explosion and they know how hard Sadie worked to get out because they found bloody claw marks on a door leading outside. Her owner,Serena Costello says Sadie has never run away in 11 years, so she knows she did it to help them. “She is our hero,” Costello says. “She saved our lives.”

Source: People

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