Woman Who Got Hotel Rooms For Homeless In Chicago Gets $50K From Ellen

We recently told you about a good samaritan who helped pay for dozens of hotel rooms for the homeless in Chicago and now she’s being rewarded for her generosity and kindness. When the polar vortex slammed Chicago recently,Candice Payne stepped up to help the homeless find a warm place to spend the night. The real estate developer booked rooms at The Amber Inn for people who were trying to survive the negative-22-degree temperatures on the streets.

Payne paid out of her own pocket for 30 rooms for the night and took to social media to try to arrange transportation to get people to their rooms, asking for help in an Instagram post . It went viral and she got the help moving people as well as donations to buy more hotel rooms, so they ended up securing more than 70 rooms for five nights, which got 122 people out of the below freezing weather.

To thank her for her act of kindness, Payne recently appeared on “The Ellen Show” and was given $50,000 so she can keep providing shelter to homeless people in need. She got two $25,000 checks from Walmart and plans to use it to help her nonprofit Action for a Cause find housing solutions for Chicago’s homeless population.

Source: USA Today

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