Rob Gronkowski Hit In Head By Beer Can During Patriots Parade

While most believe Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski has played his last NFL game, the star tight end says he is going to take a few weeks off before making his final decision.

But after what happened this past week, maybe he’s realizing he’s just as likely to get a concussion in retirement after revealing he got hit in the face by a can of beer thrown during Tuesday’s Super Bowl victory parade in Boston.

Gronkowski told “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” the can drew blood, and even showed Fallon the small cut it left near one of his eyebrows.

“I’m just chilling, then boom, pop, full beer can right to the face,” said Gronk.

Not So Fun Fact: The same thing happened to Red Sox manager Alex Cora during October’s parade in Boston to celebrate that team’s World Series title.

Beer cans? Ouch

At least Philly fans are classy enough to throw much smaller batteries.

Source: USA Today

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