Oscar Winner Frances McDormand's Deleted "Stairway To Heaven" Scene

Via rollingstone.com. The 2021 Academy Awards was one of the lowest rated Oscars ever. But, it had a lot working against it, a pandemic, people not going to theatres, many movie productions shutting down, but Frances McDormand had a big night.

She won Best Lead Actress for her portrayal of Fern in the movie "Nomadland," which also won Best Picture. But I think one of her best performances that should have won an Oscar, was the protective mother Elaine Miller in "Almost Famous," who wants her son to become a lawyer instead of a budding writer for Rolling Stone Magazine.

There's so many great scenes in the movie, but for some reason, this one was deleted. Elaine comes home to find her son William in the living room with his teacher and guidance counselor. They all gang up on her to try to make her change her mind about not letting her son go on the road with the band Stillwater and write a story for the magazine.

William brings out the nuclear device. He has his Mom listen to "Stairway To Heaven," telling her it will change her life. Watch as Elaine sits through the entire 8 minute song with the boys air drumming along. Does listening to one of the greatest rock songs of all time change her mind? Check it out...