WATCH! A Guy Was Charged By A Cougar For 6 Minutes On His Morning Run!

Mother of God, this is terrifying to watch. I remember hiking out in Montana when a ranger stopped us on the trail and said that grizzly bears had been spotted and to be, "careful." He told us to just make a lot of noise as we walked and we should be fine. I think I sang every Zeppelin song I knew for the rest of that hike, but I remember thinking, "what am I going to do if we see a bear in front of us on the path?"

Kyle Burgess had that experience this past Saturday as he went for a run through Slate Canyon near Provo, Utah when he came upon a cougar and her babies. That's when mama cougar chased after him! And this big cat stalked him for 6 minutes, charging and backing off while Kyle yelled at him. His running commentary is amazing, you can feel the fear! He captured this life threatening terror on his phone. Do you think he recorded it to look at later or to leave evidence of how he left this mortal coil? Watch this, it's crazy!!!!!!!!

And for a fun drinking game, take a sip for every swear.