Colorado May Get America’s First Pot Coffee Shop

In Amsterdam, a “coffee shop” is a “place to buy and smoke marijuana.” And if you only want coffee, you’re better off at a “café.” And now Colorado may be getting their own pot coffee shop, the first in the U.S. and it would solve a problem folks are having there: where are people supposed to go to get high outside of their own homes?

See, Colorado legalized recreational weed use, so buying and selling it is legal, but smoking it outside of a private residence isn’t. Voters in Denver approved an ordinance that allows cafes and restaurants to apply for a permit to allow pot use inside, but because of a bunch of red tape, no one applied for one until last month.

Rita Tsalyuk is opening a coffee shop, cleverly called the Coffee Joint, and it’s right next to her dispensary, 1136 Yuma. She’s applied to allow pot use in the new space, but because Colorado banned smoking indoors to battle cigarettes, “consumption” can’t include actually smoking pot. So her customers will have to get high on edibles and vaping instead.

Source: Extra Crispy

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