Better Business Bureau Gives LaVar Ball's Big Baller Brand 'F'

Maybe it’s time we stop making fun of LaVar Ball and his Big Baller Sneakers.

Because now someone of far more importance is doing it.

And that would be Blair Looney, the CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Central California.

According to a Monday report from TMZ Sports, the Better Business Bureau said LaVar Ball's company has an F—the lowest grade it gives out.

And apparently so have plenty of other people as the Better Business Bureau "has been inundated with complaints from customers who either didn't get their orders…or got the wrong ones."

All in all, the Big Baller Brand earned 41 negative reviews—33 of which are formal complaints—to zero positive ones.

"This is very definitely substandard normal business practices for anybody," Looney says.

Wow—what a coincidence—big Baller Brand and the Better Business Bureau are both abbreviated BBB and considering Ball's signature ZO2 shoes sell for $495 seems like both of their CEO’s are Looney.

Source: TMZ Sports

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