WATCH: CNN Host Cuts Off Trump Advisor During Interview


CNN host Jake Tapper abruptly ended an interview with a White House policy advisor yesterday.  Tapper accused Stephen Miller of “wasting my viewer’s time" as the advisor tried to defend Donald Trump from claims in the new tell-all book, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House".

Miller appeared on CNN’s "State of the Union" to field questions about Michael Wolff's controversial new account of a mentally unstable president Trump and broken administration.

As we told you, the book quoted former Trump associate, Steve Bannon, as calling Donald Trump Jr. “unpatriotic” and “treasonous”. Miller said the comments were “grotesque”, adding that Bannon could not be a credible source on the meeting because he “wasn’t even there when it went down”.

"It reads like an angry, vindictive person spouting off to a highly discreditable author", Miller said of the book. "The author is a garbage author of a garbage book". Miller went on, praising the president and calling him “a political genius” who had "tapped into something magical that's happening in the heart of this country". 

But when Tapper brought up the President's self-flattery, Miller called Trump a "a self-made billionaire who revolutionized reality TV and changed the course of our politics".

"I'm sure he's watching and he's happy you said that", Tapper responded. Miller hit back, saying he needed only three minutes to defend the president from "24 hours of negative anti-Trump, hysterical coverage” on CNN.

That's when Tapper ended the interview, saying: “I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time. Thank you, Stephen”, he concluded before cutting to a commercial break.

Trump was clearly tuned, calling Tapper a "CNN flunky" on Twitter and claiming he was "destroyed" by Miller. Tapper tweeted out a link to the interview, inviting viewers to judge for themselves.

Source: Yahoo!

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