Good News: Sheriff Saves Kitten Frozen To Dock

Baby, it’s cold outside. So cold that a stray kitten got stuck to a boat dock after falling into the water in Mercer County, Kentucky. Roy and Laurie Jasper saw the little furball frozen to the dock at the marina using a camera and he was stuck there for 11 hours. They were so worried about him, they called for backup.

When Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty arrived on the scene, he knew just what to do. "I poured the water on his front feet, and in a few seconds, they did come loose," says Kelty. He also cut the kitten’s fur that was frozen, so he could get free.

Now this tiny cat who was stranded in the cold has a new home with the Jaspers. He’s got a new name, too - it’s Ernie, after the hero who saved him.

Source: LEX18

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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