YouTube Star Sparks Outrage After Filming Suicide Victim

A YouTube star is apologizing after sparking a firestorm of criticism when he uploaded video of a dead body.  

Logan Paul was in Japan over the weekend and paid a visit to a forest on the slopes of Mt. Fuji often called the Suicide Forest.  

He found a man's body hanging from a tree and proceeded to make a roughly 15-minute video documenting the experience. 

 It got millions of views, but tons of criticism as well.  

Paul says he's faced a monsoon of negativity even though he insists he didn't do it for views, he did it to raise awareness about suicide prevention.  

There have been some calls for YouTube to ban his channel, with many on social media pointing out that Paul's fanbase is mainly kids and teenagers, who may have been traumatized by what they saw. 

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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