Making Good On A Vow, Hue Jackson Says He'll Jump Into Lake Erie

If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan then you probably want to say something far meaner than “go jump in a lake” to head coach Hue Jackson, who may very well be on his way to a winless season and a 1-31 record as the team’s head coach.

But the thing is, while he would never go any of the places you’d ask him to—and is probably physically incapable of doing some of the other things you’d suggest—he is actually willing to jump in a lake.

In fact, it was his idea, considering a year ago he made the vow that if the Browns went 1-15 again that people would find him—quote—"swimming in [Lake Erie].”

Which would also explain why he strode to the podium for his news conference yesterday and asked the assembled media, "Who's going to jump in the lake with me?"

Now the good news is, for Jackson, the Browns face the Steelers in Pittsburgh Sunday meaning he technically could avoid the commitment when they finish 0-16, but he said he would keep his word.

"I got to," he said. "How? You just jump in. When? That's going to be at my convenience and hopefully I can get a lot of people to come out. It'd be something that we're going to make special.”

"I don't like it. Don't like to do it for the reason why I'm having to do it, but I have to make do on my word. I just think that's what you do."

Sounds like he going to do it but will wait until things warm up, which is odd considering his coaching record has him sitting on the hottest seat in the city.

Source: ESPN

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