Good News: Officer Saves Eight-Year-Old From Frozen Pond

An eight-year-old boy was chasing his dog in New Harmony, Utah on Christmas evening when he fell through the ice covering an icy pond. A neighbor called the police and was able to identify to them where the boy was last spotted.

Sergeant Aaron Thompson arrived on the scene and punched through the ice to get to the boy who had fallen in about 30 minutes earlier. Thompson dove in and swam around until he found the kid, pulling him back to the surface.

Thompson is being called a hero for his courageous rescue. The child is being treated at a local hospital, but the officer says he’s optimistic about his survival because of the water temperature, the amount of time he was in the water, and the boy’s age. "The temperature of the water was a huge, huge factor," he says. "We're really hopeful for this individual."

Source: Good News Network

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