Mom Has An Amazing Elf On The Shelf Fail

Brittany Mease wasn’t keeping up with her duty of moving “Elfis” everyday and her kids noticed. When they weren’t looking, she pitched him into the oven to keep him hidden. And….you guessed it…she forgot the imp!

Two days later she turned on the stove and it started to smell. That’s when Brittany opened the oven door, dropped the “f-bomb,” and tried to extract what were the charred remains of Elfis.

Unfortunately, her nine-year-old son was there and started screaming about elf blood. The other kids said she couldn’t touch it or the elf would lose its magic, so she used tongs. Then the real chaos started! Elfis’ head shot straight up and the kids all had a meltdown.

“Santa” brought the family a new elf and one of the kids wrote it a note asking the elf to return to the same spot “so you don’t die again.”

Source: Today

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