Kids Give Teacher The Gift Of Color For Christmas


In case you missed it, a group of students at Dayton Elementary School wanted to give one of their favorite teachers a unique gift this year. Beau Scott teaches fourth and fifth grade higher ability students and he’s color blind. So his students all chipped in and bought him special glasses that allow him to see color.

The boys and girls each donated between $5 and $10 to collect enough for the $300 glasses. And the students were nervous because for some folks, the glasses don’t work. But they worked perfectly for their teacher and they all had fun with him being able to see all the colors for the first time.

Scott tweeted about the amazing gift, thanking the students, parents, and everyone for the glasses. “This was seriously the highlight of my teaching career,” he writes. “I just drove home and saw a green stoplight for the very first time ever … And that was the most amazing thing.”

Source: Journal and Courier

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