How One Guy Turned $10 Into $14,990 In One Weekend

At some point, nearly every one of us has wanted to go into a Las Vegas sports book, and lay down a 10-spot on some insane bet – just to see if we get lucky. Some of you might have done it do, and just kissed that 10-bucks goodbye. One guy took that same chance, and it actually paid off.

The unnamed guy went into the William Hill Sports Book at the Hooters Hotel & Casino, and laid $10 on a 20-leg teaser parlay. For those who don’t know, that means he pick 20 games – against the point-spread or taking the over/under on the total score. If he hits ALL 20, he wins a crap load of money. In this case, the payout ended up being $14,990.

His bets all were for NFL action during Week 15 this past weekend. Some of his bets:

  • The Philadelphia Eagles beating the 1 ½ points they were favored by.
  • Philly and the Giants scoring more than 35 ½ points in-total.
  • Carolina and the Packers scoring more than 42 ½ points in-total.
  • The Minnesota Vikings beating the 6 ½ points they were favored by.
  • Minnesota and the Bengals scoring less than 47 ½ points in-total.

He did that 15 more times, and hit every single one. Then, he surely had an amazing weekend for a mere $10 investment. Incidentally, the odds of just hitting and 11-team parlay’s around 1,200-to-1, and most call these sucker bets.

Source: William Hill US

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