Girl With Cerebral Palsy Gets Wheelchair-Accessible Playground


Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, seven-year-old Lily Courtneynow has a wheelchair-accessible playground and will be able to enjoy it with her siblings and friends. Because she has cerebral palsy and dystonia, Lily has trouble walking and speaking on her own. And the uneven terrain at most parks makes it hard to get her wheelchair around, so she didn’t have the chance to play with other kids there.

But now she has her own personalized playground right in her own backyard. It’s equipped with wheelchair ramps, a slide, a special swing, and even an air-conditioned indoor area with a TV. And the best part is that while Lily plays, she’ll be getting stronger, too.

"It's something you've always dreamed that you wanted, you know, the kids to be able to play together, and now they can," her mom, Terrie Magrans-Courtney, says. "It just warms your heart.”

SourceInside Edition

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