The Craziest Fast Food Items Of 2017

This was a year of weird and wild fast food items. Some were teetering on insanity because of their looks, others for their calorie content, and others just because fans couldn’t get their hands on them. These are the top ten craziest fast food items of 2017.

Unicorn Frappuccino - Starbucks. This color-changing, strange-tasting drink went viral, but it broke baristas more than it broke the Internet. Thankfully, it was only sold for a few days.

Firecracker Burrito - Taco Bell. Only Taco Bell could combine spicy Pop Rocks and burritos and get people to order it.

Cookie Dough Tenders - Popeyes. These Sweet and Crunchy chicken tenders were encrusted with shortbread cookie dough for the ultimate in sweet and savory combos.

McVegan - McDonald'sMickey D’s is now the first major fast food place to offer a vegan burger, and even though it’s only being offered in Sweden and Finland for now, it’s a big deal for the plant-based meat movement.

Arbynator - Arby's. This newbie just came out, but with half a pound of meat, curly fries, and a variety of sauces, it’s gluttonous enough to land a top ten spot.

Farmhouse King - Burger King. This enormous sandwich is 1,220 calories, which makes it BK’s highest calorie burger of all time. With its fried egg, bacon, and crispy onion double cheeseburger, the Farmhouse King is in a class of its own for unhealthiness.

Kit Kat Quesadilla - Taco Bell. Another offering from Taco Bell, this time it’s the $1 dessert quesadillas they were testing this year. Fingers crossed these become permanent menu items.

Cherry Pie Frappuccino - Starbucks. Forget that Unicorn Frappuccino, this one had a pie crust lid! Didn’t hear about it? That’s because it was only sold in Starbucks in Japan back in April. We should be so lucky to get a cherry pie topped Frapp here in the U.S.

Naked Chicken Chalupa - Taco Bell. People weren’t so sure about this fried chicken taco shell at first, but fans went nuts for it.

Szechuan Sauce - McDonald's. The sauce wasn’t truly new, it was released back in the 90s for a limited time, but fans of the show “Rick and Morty” demanded its return and the guys at the golden arches listened. But McDonald’s only brought it back for an “ultra-limited release” and there wasn’t enough to keep up with the hype. That’s why this Mulan McNugget Sauce was the food item most obsessed over in 2017.

Source: Foodbeast

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