Secret Santa’s Tip Saves Christmas For Maine Mom

The day didn’t start well for Trisha Murphy, but it definitely had a happy ending. The single mother of four from Maine hadn’t finished her Christmas shopping and her car was towed, so she scrambled to get to her shift as a server at Denny’s on time. She’s also a student and works at a nursing home, so she was stressed and trying to figure out how to make Christmas happen for her family.

Murphy waited on a table of three guys and they talked about the upcoming holiday and how her kids were excited about a visit from Santa. She thought they were just making conversation, but when she closed out their $35 check, she realized there was a $500 tip for her included. So thanks to her Secret Santa, she doesn’t have to stress about finding a way to get the gifts for her little ones.

"He literally saved Christmas for my children and I," Murphy says. "There are still genuinely good people in the world still. This man had never met me before, knew nothing about me, and did something that generous. I can't even fathom it, still."

Source: CBS News

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