Canucks Fan Casually Wins Car In ‘Shoot The Puck’ Competition


In the most Canadian thing you’ll see today, here’s a Vancouver Canucks fan named Aaron Dunn showing basically no emotion not only after he hit a nearly impossible trick shot during a “shoot the puck” game between periods, but winning a car in the process.

 And the thing is, it couldn’t have been more dramatic.

 Dunn was down to his third and final shot and the female host even got the crowd to applaud as he took his final shot, drilling the puck into an opening pretty much the exact size of a hockey puck.

Maybe’s he’s just a diehard Canucks fan and was not to thrilled that he scored as many goals as the Canucks during their 7-1 loss to the Predators.

Source: SB Nation

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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