Reporter Recounts Chilling NFL Network Job Interview

Wow, at this point they may just need to change the hashtag to #UsToo considering more and more women are coming forth with tales of idiot men in all walks of employment.

Hey look…it’s is a small percentage compared to most of men and women raised in normal environments where your taught a sense of self respect and self-worth the two places that just doesn’t apply as often are the world of Sports and Entertainment.

Where the more physically gifted you are is rewarded, more often than your work.

Which is why it’s no surprise that the latest scandal comes for the combination of the two where the NFL network has been accused just fired off a wave of suspensions of former players that included Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk, Donovan McNabb, Eric Davis, Ike Taylor and Heath Evans following allegations of improper sexual behavior.

Now the latest charges come from TV reporter and studio host Lindsay McCormick who recounted on Instagram late Tuesday this chilling, potentially discriminatory, job interview with the NFL Network:

“I've been quiet about this for too long,” McCormick wrote. “In my last interview with NFL Network a few years ago, the head of hiring talent said to me, ‘If we hire you, do you plan on getting knocked up immediately like the rest of them?’" ‘Them’ as in badass working women who deserve to have a family life as well? ‘Them’ as the women who work their tails off to be taken seriously in a man's world? Or ‘them’ who bring you a new audience and a tremendous amount of viewership? Because while I don't plan on ‘getting knocked up,’ I do plan on being like the rest of those brilliant women that our future daughters will one day look up to and see you can have it all.”

Yeah seems her answer was right—but she didn’t get the job, because the question was so wrong.

Source: Sporting News

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