Report: Ryan Shazier Has ‘Some Movement’ In Lower Extremities

Promising, but guarded news on Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier who suffered that terrifying back injury in Monday Night’s Steelers-Bengals game when his helmet crown collided with a Bengal receiver’s hip.

But NFL guru Adam Schefter tweeted this early yesterday

#Steelers LB Ryan Shazier has shown promising signs this morning. I’m told he has some movement in his lower extremities after last night’s back injury, but the next 24-48 hours are key for increased improvement.

And as for those next 24-48 hours, Shazier spent a second night at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center last night undergoing more tests to evaluate that spine injury.

"He will continue to be monitored and treated by the neurosurgery experts at UC Medical Center until he has been cleared to return to Pittsburgh," the statement offers. "It is expected that Ryan will undergo additional tests and evaluation over the next 24 to 48 hours, and he will then return to Pittsburgh to receive further evaluation and care at UPMC."

Docs are encouraged that Shazier's injury isn’t as bad as originally anticipated, but no one will really know the extent until the process plays out.

As for Shazier, he spoke to multiple teammates Monday and has remained upbeat about the process. He even tweeted out a message of gratitude to late yesterday.

Thank you for the prayers. Your support is uplifting to me and my family. #SHALIEVE

Let’s keep doing just that—praying for Shazier and being grateful for all we have.

Source: ESPN

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