Family’s “Blessing Fence” Keeps Others Warm


An Indiana family knows it’s better to give than to receive, so they started a “blessing fence” at their Goshen home to help keep their community warm in the winter. The fence gets stocked with hats, scarves, coats, and even winter boots - all donated anonymously by community members for anonymous receivers - and it makes both of them feel good.

Linda Salisbury got the idea for the blessing fence after seeing a story online about a town hanging scarves from trees in their park for homeless folks. Now she’s been doing it at her home in an “economically diverse” area of town for three years and nothing on the fence sticks around too long, so her idea to warm others is working.

“We have a need in the community where these hardworking people are making it paycheck-to-paycheck,” Salisbury explains. “If we can give something to help them get through the winter, it’s beneficial for them, but for the giver, it’s a blessing also. We need a reason to feel good this year and giving is a way to do that.”

Source: Inside Edition

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