Gramps Turns 100, Family Runs 100 Miles To Celebrate


Orville Rogers has been running for 50 years, but he didn’t start the healthy habit until he read a book about it when he was 50. The book was “Aerobics” by Dr. Kenneth Cooper and when Rogers read that exercising, eating well, not smoking and managing stress could help him live longer, he made a point to do those things.

And it’s all been worth it because the Dallas man just celebrated his 100th birthday and he still runs a few miles a few times a week! In honor of his milestone, 34 members of his four-generation family did a run that totaled 100 miles combined and Rogers even got in on the last one.

"Exercise is good for a good life and a long life," he says.He started with a few miles a day, a few times a week. He added speed and distance over a period of years, and began competing in marathons. When he ran his last marathon at age 72, he was racking up 75 to 80 miles a week, he said."I can't do that anymore," he said, laughing. He now runs three days a week, covering about two and a half miles each time. "I try to eat good food... and exercise,” Rogers says. “People who exercise live better and live longer."

Source: Inside Edition

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