Browns S Peppers unhappy about $24k fine for Malone hit

Cleveland Browns safety Jabrill Peppers was fined $24,000 by the NFL for an illegal hit on Cincinnati Bengals receiver Josh Malone. 

The play occurred during last Sunday's contest, and Peppers was assessed a personal foul for the hit that prevented Malone from making a catch. Peppers told reporters he received the letter from the NFL via email on Wednesday. "I don't know what they want us to do, especially in terms of football's a violent game," Peppers said. "I don't know why they're trying to take the violence out of it. I think they're trying to make it too friendly." 

Peppers said he will appeal the fine. He said he doesn't understand what he did wrong. "I just feel like any kind of violent collision, they just flag," Peppers said. "As a DB, what do you want us to do? When you go low, you're a dirty player and the torque from the hit folds a receiver and his helmet comes down on your helmet, they still throw the flag. "You can barely touch those guys when they're running their route. Now you can barely tough them when they're catching the ball." 

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