Good News: Woman Meets Biological Dad After 36 Years


William Woolery knew his girlfriend was pregnant when he left the military base in the Philippines in 1981, but he had to go. He was happy to get a letter explaining that she gave birth to a daughter, who she named Tiffany Ann, but he never heard from the baby’s biological mom again.

The Navy vet was 21 when his daughter was born and spent years searching for her, but never found her. That is until this year, when his cousin did a DNA test with 23andMe and found a relative through that who had been born in the Philippines and adopted and was living in Texas.

Natosha Brown did a DNA test with 23andMe because she was adopted and wanted to learn about her ethnicity. When Woolery did a DNA test of his own, he was a 99.9% match to Brown and had finally found his daughter after 36 years. He reached out to Brown and they just met up with his other daughters for an early Thanksgiving dinner.

“It’s been great getting to know them,” Brown says of her new-found family. “The thing that fascinates me the most is how alike we are.” And she adds that she describes her dad as her new best friend.

Source: Inside Edition

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