Big Brother Translates CPR Instructions To Mom To Save Baby Sister’s Life


A nine-year-old Connecticut boy who translated a 911 dispatcher’s CPR instructions to his frantic mother is being called a hero for helping to save his baby sister. Caua Almeida and his mom, Grazzielle, saw that his one-month-old sister Anna Julia wasn’t breathing, so they called for help.

But the concerned mother was too upset to speak to the dispatcher, so Caua talked to her and translated what she said to his mother in her native language, Portuguese. They followed the instructions to lay the baby flat, kneel beside her and check her mouth to see if something was blocking her airway, and within seconds, baby Anna Julia was breathing again.

“The mother did everything that he relayed, but him being able to remain calm helped the mother remain calm, helped her through the instructions, and really made a big difference,” explains Danbury fire spokesperson Jamie Gagliardo. Baby Anna Julia was checked out at the hospital and is doing well now, thanks to her brave big brother.


Captain Tony

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