NFL Denies Goodell Seeking $50-Million Salary, Private Jet


As you well know by now, contract extension negotiations for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell might have well a let’s just say a snag.

And that snag is named Jerry Jones who last week hired a high-profile lawyer in an attempt to block the extension.

But now we know some other stuff in regards to Goodell’s demands that – if you’re not there already – may sway you to Lone Star side. Like what? Like a $50 million annual salary, lifetime health insurance for Goodell and his entire family, and use of a private jet for life.

Wow—hope that healthcare covers getting his head examined.

And while these shocking details were reported by both the uber-reliableESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen.

And while the NFL is denying this, it actually doesn’t seem that crazy when you consider that—while Goodell wants $50-million—the NFL is a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Yeah, that’s Billion with “B”

Really, he’s just asking for a handout.

In any case, and the NFL has strongly denied this saying Goodell's only written contract demands in August were for $50-million, plus the perks.

But whatever the number, I am starting to think this is another word that starts with a “B.”


Source: Sportsnaut

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