#GoodNews: Brave 12-Year-Old Saves Family From House Fire


Thanks to a working fire alarm and a very brave 12-year-old girl, an Elkridge, Maryland family is safe today. Alixon Lopez Martinez was the only one to wake up at her home when the smoke alarm started going off, her dad had already left for work and her mom, her eight-year-old sister, and newborn baby sister were sleeping right through it.

But the courageous seventh-grader heard the warning, ran into her mom’s room and woke her up so she could get out with the baby and her little sister. When Alixon realized her grandmother had already made it safely outside of the mobile home, she ran back inside to get her mom’s cell phone to call 911.

Alixon’s heroism impressed Battalion Chief Sean Alliger of Howard County Fire and Rescue Services, who called her actions “heartwarming.” And this brave girl, who admits she was scared and in shock when she saw the fire, but still put her life at risk to save her loved ones, even managed to make it to school that day.

Source: ABC News 12

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