Woman Accused Of Riding Horse Drunk Speaks Out


 The woman arrested in Polk City, Florida last week for DUI on a horse is speaking out.  Donna Byrne says she was on her way to buy a new pair of boot spurs for her birthday when the cops pulled her over for apparently weaving on the side of the road while riding on her horse.  Byrne says she was not drunk when she was stopped, but actually leaning over in her saddle to scratch her leg.  Byrne was arrested and charged with DUI and accused of mistreating her horse.  Byrne says she's crushed by this whole ordeal. 

The sheriff's office currently has custody of the horse and Byrne's attorney is working on the civil case to get it back.  If the State's Attorney proceeds with the case, Byrne's arraignment is scheduled for November 20th. 

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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