Kyrie Irving Argues ‘Not One Real Picture Of Earth’ Exists


Maybe the most memorable thing about last year’s 2017 NBA wasn’t the astronomical score with the West beating the East 192-182.

It was the astronomical data that then Cavalier, now Boston Celtic, Kyrie Irving dropped on us when he informed us that the world was flat.

It should be pointed out that he later claimed the sole purpose of espousing his Flat-Earth theory was to conduct a “social experiment”of sorts.

So I can’t wait to see what his logic is for his latest statement arguing that “not one real picture of Earth” exists.

The Celtics point guard made a recent appearance on UConn women’s basketball head coach Geno Auriemma’s podcast where he continued to drop his knowledge—or lack thereof.

“When I started actually doing research on my own and figuring out that there is no real picture of Earth, not one real picture of Earth — and we haven’t been back to the moon since 1961 or 1969 — it becomes like conspiracy, too,” he said.

Um—okay, so letting it slide that you think we may have been to the moon in 1961—he’s saying that countless number of photographs of the Earth aren’t real. Okay then.

“I just wanna open up and have that conversation,” Irving said. “I wanted to just ask other individuals, like do you really think this actually happened? I just wanna know. Because I don’t know either.”

Wow—maybe he should just open up a book because you can’t have intelligent conversation without intelligent people.

Source: Sportress Of Blogitude

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