Denver Start’s Osweiler This Week, But Cleveland Pays Him… $900K

Wow—I hate to pile on the winless Cleveland Browns (0-8) but they just make it so easy.

Because it turns out they aren’t just terrible at signing QB’s—they’re terrible at cutting them too.

In the past two days we have seen them screw up not one, but two deals for a QB at the trade deadline, and now we come to find out that another former Browns QB—who wasn’t even good enough to make the roster in Brock Osweiler—will be starting for the Broncos this weekend.

And the Browns will be paying him.

You may recall Cleveland received a second-round pick from Houston to take on Osweiler’s four-year, $72-million deal, only to release him prior to the start of the season where he was picked up by the man that drafted him John Elway in Denver.

Well—after yet another abysmal, three-pick outing by Trevor Siemian on Monday night, Denver named Osweiler the starter for this weekagainst the Philadelphia Eagles. Oh, and that $895,588 game check? Yeah, the Browns will be paying that.

And not just this week, but the start of this season will come out of the bank of Cleveland.

Hey, no biggie for Cleveland.

At this point that team is used to writing a lot of zeroes.

Source: Sportsnaut

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