Browns’ Kenny Britt On London: ‘I Hated Everything About It’

If you’re having trouble sleeping Sunday morning, great news! There’s a game in London between the Browns and Cleveland at 9 A.M. EST.

Yeah and watching five minutes of that game is sure to put you back to sleep.

Come on, does anyone really like these games?

I mean, I can tell you one person who doesn’t, Kenny Britt of the Browns.

“I hated London, hated it,” Britt said. “I hated it with a passion.”

Well, that’s probably not going to sit too well with Londoners. But that’s also not the extent of Britt’s “hatred.”

“I hated everything about it,” Britt said. “I hated the flight. I hated us being there so long. I hated the flight back. I hated the food. You can ask my wife the same thing, and she’ll give you the same answer.”

Wow—if only the Browns offense was this aggressive.

I mean cool your jets. I doubt the fine people of London are screaming to have the worst team of the past decade come play in Wembley.

And if they are saving the good food and flights for the teams that are worth watching—there’s no reason to disparage a city nice enough to host you.

Oh and FYI, it’s a nine o’clock game, so if you have Britt or any other Browns on your fantasy team, be sure to get up by 8:30 …and punch yourself.

Source: Sportsnaut

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