#GoodNews: Preschooler Honored For Helping In Medical Emergency


A little girl who stepped up to help during a medical emergency is being recognized by police for her efforts and they’re calling this four-year-old a hero. Caleigh Concannon was volunteering with her mom at Golden Opportunities for Independence, a farm that trains service dogs in Walpole, Massachusetts, when she needed to use the bathroom.

When she got in there, she saw someone was in trouble and ran to tell her mom that “someone was sleeping on the floor” in the bathroom. It was Dr. Michael Flynn, director of operations at the farm and he was having a seizure. Caleigh says she knew he was sick because her dad has diabetes and she’s been taught what to do if he passes out.

The preschooler knew the man needed help and she made sure he got it. The Walpole Police awarded her a Community Hero Award and gave her some movie tickets for her good deed. “I am so proud of her,” Dr. Flynn says. “I am just in awe at the responsibility and the seriousness and her perception in handling the situation.”

Source: CBS Boston

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