David Stern Thinks NBA Players Should Be Allowed To Smoke Weed

Former NBA commissioner David Stern has had a change of heart when it comes to the basketball leagues stance on marijuana. In an interview with “Uninterrupted’s” Al Harrington, who’s also a former NBA’er, Stern said that perceptions of the drug have changed radically since he was running the show.

Back in the day, Stern says that pot was viewed as a “gateway drug into harder stuff.” Now, he says the NBA rules are antiquated, and should more accurately reflect the times. As in, if weed is legal – or in the process of being legalized in your state – then the Collective Bargaining Agreement rules should reflect those changes and be enforced accordingly.

It should also be noted that, since his playing days, Harrington’s invested around $3-million into the legal weed business. He started using prescription pot during his playing days, and saw results that made a difference for him. He even offered some CBD creams to Stern to give a whirl with…and Stern agreed to try them out.

Source: TMZ Sports

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