#GoodNews: Wrestler Saves Suicidal Woman In Canada

British-Canadian professional wrestler Davey Boy Smith, Jr. says his “years of grappling” helped him save a woman he found hanging from a bridge in Calgary, Canada. Smith says in a Facebook post that he was driving when he spotted this woman crying and hanging off a bridge, so he stopped to talk to her and offer help.

The woman threatened to jump if he got closer, so he says he decided to grab hold of her and not let that happen. “Luckily from my years of grappling and self-defense,” Smith explains, “I knew how to grab her hard and how to pull her up from hanging off and jumping.”

Smith was able to hold onto the woman until police arrived to take her to the hospital. The wrestler says, “I really believe if I wasn’t there and been able to grab her, she would have jumped.”

Source: Global News

Captain Tony

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