#GoodNews: School Elects Homecoming King With Down Syndrome


When Diane Kaut’s son Tyler was born with Down syndrome, she worried that he might not be accepted and liked at school. But she knows she doesn’t need to worry now because 18-year-old Tyler was just elected homecoming king at Southeast Polk High School in Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

The senior was so delighted, he actually jumped for joy when his name was called out at a school assembly. Fellow students cheered, gave Tyler a standing ovation and tons of high fives for his win.

Tyler is a popular kid at school and his mom says he’s had a very positive experience in school and being crowned homecoming king is just one example of that. “The kids at school are just so awesome,” she explains. “They are real kind and accepting, and they just offer him unconditional love.”

Source: USA Today

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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