#GoodNews: Cyclists Ride Cross Country Raising Money For ALS Research


This summer, a trio of men from Massachusetts set out to ride their bicycles across the country to raise money for ALS research. Wellesley High School basketball coach Glen Magpiong, his 80-year-old father, Earl, and friend Tucker Swan started off in Charlestown, Massachusetts on July 31 and rode all the way to Santa Monica, California, finishing on September 29.

“That was 61 days and it was 3526 miles,” Coach Magpiong says. That means they averaged about 60 miles a day! So what was their motivation for the two-month ride? Those affected by the disease, including a fellow coach, Paul Seaver, who died from ALS.

Their ride almost ended halfway through when Glen was hit by a pickup truck, but after a few stitches and a new bicycle, they were back on the road in two days. “If you think you can, you can,” he says. “Anything is possible.”

To find out more or to donate, check out Glen’s fundraising page.

Source: CBS Boston

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