Don’t Make Fun Of Evangelist Jim Bakker…Or Else


You might remember disgraced evangelist Jim Bakker. That’s the one with the bad hair, the mascara-loving wife Tammy Faye – and the hot secretary, Jessica Hahn

Along the way, he bilked his “flock” out of around $158-million and ended up spending nearly 10-years in the clink for fraud. Anyway – he now also claims that he’s a “prophet,” and has “successfully predicted” events such as the attacks on 9/11. 

And because he’s so special, damn you, he’s demanding that you take his goofy ass seriously. Or else. “Or else,” what? You know…damnation and stuff. In a new video, Bakker says that those who mock him, his prophecies, or his “checkered” past will face the Wrath. Of God. Himself.

We reached out to God for a comment, and he only rolled his eyes and went back to watching “Family Guy” reruns.

Captain Tony

Captain Tony

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