In This Family, Members Have Extra Fingers And Toes


In most families, there's a trait that bonds all the members together. Maybe they all have the same eye color or hair type. For the Da Silva family, it's extra digits. In fact, out of the 23 members of the Brazilian brood, 14 have 12 fingers and 12 toes. 

The family is proud of their unique genes, saying it makes them "stand out from the crowd." "My grandfather transformed having six fingers into a valuable thing," Alessandro Da Silva says. "So much so that he wrote a book where his hands are on the cover. And he composed music and everything he did carried the six finger family symbol. He transformed the six fine thing into a family brand."

Now some members are figuring out a way to use that brand to its fullest. Maria plays piano, seven-year-old Guilherme says he likes being able to hold a lot of things at once, and Joao Assis plays goalie on his soccer team.

Source: Daily Mail 

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